Beit Hanna

Beit HannaThe Beit Hanna Community Center
Purchasing Equipment for Beit Hanna – the Center engages 150 members from Haifa and its surroundings, who reside in Akim Haifa's residential facilities, or with their families. The Center provides enrichment and recreational activities including creative arts, sports and social activities. Members enjoy some 20 different classes, including computers and ceramic art. The Center's activities are important in increasing the members' social functioning, developing their creative abilities and helping them fulfill their talents.

We would like to purchase the following:
Oven for burning ceramic art work - NIS 15,000, $3,800
10 computers for conducting a basic computer course - NIS 38,000, $9,700
Shade for the outdoor courtyard - NIS 32,000, $8,200
Microphones for chorus members, who also perform during special events – NIS 6000, $1,500.
Additional technical equipment such as projector, video camera, sound system with organ connection - 10,000, $2,500.


Akim Haifa
Website Construction - NIS 6,000, $1,500
Issuing a Quarterly Bulletin – NIS 600-800, $ 153- $200

Kindly contact us, should you wish to contribute to any of the above programs. Please note that all donations received are transferred in full (no overhead is taken).