Akim Haifa provides a wide range of services for the mentally handicapped in the Haifa metropolis in the fields of education, employment, health, social support and housing.We are currently seeking funds for the following programs:


Beit Ganor

Supporting Paramedical Treatments at Beit Ganor - a rehabilitation and education day center for intermediate to severely mentally and developmentally disabled individuals aged 3 and above. Located in Kiryat Atta, Beit Ganor provides comprehensive therapeutic and rehabilitation day treatment, supervised activities and recreation. The institution is open daily between 8:00 – 18:00 and operates a special education preschool framework for children aged 3 and above, a special education school for children aged 6 – 21 and various rehabilitation groups for adults aged 21 and above in the framework of workshops and small farm activities.

Beit Ganor remains the only framework of its kind in the Haifa metropolis that provides programs, services and facilities under one roof designed to assist the mentally challenged to remain in their communities.

The Center is committed to developing life skills and advancing motor, communication, cognitive, social, emotional and behavioral functioning. This is achieved, among others, through Para-medical treatments including physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, movement therapy, art therapy, reflexology, animal therapy, riding therapy, Shiatsu and therapeutic workshops.

Today 56 individuals enjoy the services of Beit Ganor. Each receives 2 to 3 hours of Para-medical treatments daily during morning hours, amounting to some 900 hours of treatment yearly per individual. This is funded either by the Ministry of Education in the case of members aged 3 to 21 or by the Ministry of Welfare in the case of graduates aged 21 and above. Akim Haifa invests great efforts to raise funds that will provide for an additional 2 hours of daily treatment per member during afternoon hours, which are imperative to ensuring patients' progress and to preventing physical, intellectual and emotional regression.

The total annual cost of the complementary treatments is 10 Million NIS. $2,631,600 per patient.


Purchasing Para-medical Equipment for Beit Ganor– Beit Ganor was established some 30 years ago and much of the equipment needs to be replaced in order to aid the therapists in their work and to meet the latest developments in the field of Para-medical care. For example, ceiling hoists will allow care providers to safely lift and transfer disabled patients, instead of having to physically carry them. Also, Standers will help therapists to transfer a patient from seating position to standing and to strengthen patients' hip muscles, prevent pressure sores and weakening of spine and muscles, and Electric Bicycles will allow patients to activate and strengthen the hand and limb muscles. Additional equipment is needed for cognitive-emotional therapy such as establishing a Snoezelen Room for multi-sensory treatment, including audio-visual equipment. 

The estimated cost of therapeutic equipment is NIS 600,000,$155,000.


Improving Physical Access to Beit Ganor – Due to its old age, the exterior infrastructure of Beit Ganor inhibits members' easy mobility and accessibility. The current pathways between the various structures of the facility and courtyard are narrow or impaired and do not enable safe mobility of patients using wheelchairs or other mobility aids. The parking lot is small and narrow making it difficult for wheelchair bound patients to exit vehicles conveniently. There is also a need for installing curb ramps at a 5 degree angle to make the sidewalks accessible. Renovations to the facility's outdoor infrastructure will create a barrier-free environment for Beit Ganor's patients and staff.


Renovating Beit Ganor's Courtyard- The weather in Israel allows for outdoor activity throughout the majority of the year. By renovating the courtyard, we will be able to conduct outdoor Para-medical treatments, as well as provide recreational opportunities, which will be highly beneficial to patients' physical, mental, psychological and behavioral performance.


The estimated cost of the renovation is NIS 100,000, $25,000.


Building Expansion of Beit Ganor- Over the years, the number of patients served by Beit Ganor has increased and today, it serves also adults aged 21 and above. Due to the extensive treatments provided and the growth of our served population, we are currently using any available space for various purposes and require designated rooms for Para-medical treatments and therapeutic workshops.


The estimated cost of adding treatment rooms is NIS 100,000, $25,000


Purchasing an Oven for Burning Ceramic Art- Craft therapy nurtures patients, offering them an opportunity for self expression, for developing fine motor skills and reducing stress. We would like to purchase an oven for burning ceramic art works to be used in the framework of a ceramic workshop for members of Beit Ganor. 


The cost of the oven is NIS 15,000, $3,800.


Staff Empowerment- The Beit Ganor staff, comprised of professionals, assistants and volunteers, amounts to 70 employees. We see a great deal of importance in motivating their work and enhancing their organization commitment. For this purpose we would like to conduct staff bonding activities. Akim Haifa's operating budget is solely dedicated to programs that directly benefit our target population. Therefore recreational staff activities are funded only through the generosity of private donations. 


The annual cost of staff bonding activities is NIS 7,000, $1800


Living in the Community

Akim Haifa operates several sheltered housing facilities for the mentally handicapped within the community, including 3 hostels and 13 apartments. In these frameworks reside 126 tenants, who receive appropriate housing matched to their needs and additional therapeutic and rehabilitative support.


Beit L'Chaim

Establishing a Snoezelen Room and Gym Room at Beit L'Chaim- Beit L'Chaim in Kiryat Haim houses adults aged 21 and older with moderate to severe mental retardation. Due to the residents' disability, the majority of the afternoon activities are conducted within the home. We are currently seeking funds to establish a Snoezelen Room for providing controlled sensory stimulation. The room presents a sensual feast of light, sounds, smells and textures that are soothing, relaxing and enjoyable and allow patients to balance the sensory load from all the stimulation and stress experienced throughout the day.


The estimated cost of purchasing Snoezelen equipment is NIS 60,000, $15,000


Physical fitness has been found to be extremely beneficial for individuals with varying degrees of mental retardation and physical disabilities. It increases cardiovascular endurance, strength and function, thus raising general health, and facilitates positive emotions, well-being, and relieves stress. Such forceful effects are then extended to other settings and lead to improved communication and functioning. An available room at the hostel is designated to serve as a Fitness Room. We would like to purchase a stationary bicycle, treadmill, a rowing machine and a cross trainer.


The total cost of the physical exercise equipment is estimated at NIS 20,000, $5,000.


The Tchernichovsky Hostel

Providing Para-medical Treatments to Residents of the Tchernichovsky Hostel– the hostel serves elderly residents. We would like to provide occupational therapy and hydrotherapy treatments.


The annual cost of this service is NIS 79,500, $20,300.  


Supporting Snoezelen Room Therapyfor two blind residents, twice a week, at the annual cost of NIS 10,600. $2,700.



The Beit Hanna Community Center

Purchasing Equipment for Beit Hanna  – the Center engages 150 members from Haifa and its surroundings, who reside in Akim Haifa's residential facilities, or with their families. The Center provides enrichment and recreational activities including creative arts, sports and social activities. Members enjoy some 20 different classes, including computers and ceramic art. The Center's activities are important in increasing the members' social functioning, developing their creative abilities and helping them fulfill their talents.


We would like to purchase the following:

Oven for burning ceramic art work - NIS 15,000, $3,800

10 computers for conducting a basic computer course - NIS 38,000, $9,700

Shade for the outdoor courtyard - NIS 32,000, $8,200

Microphones for chorus members, who also perform during special events – NIS 6000, $1,500.
Additional technical equipment such as projector, video camera, sound system with organ connection - 10,000, $2,500.

Akim Haifa

Website Construction - NIS 6,000, $1,500
Issuing a Quarterly Bulletin – NIS 600-800, $ 153- $200


Kindly contact us, should you wish to contribute to any of the above programs.  Please note that all donations received are transferred in full (no overhead is taken).



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