Housing program

בית חנהLiving in the Community

Akim Haifa operates several sheltered housing facilities for the mentally handicapped within the community, including 3 hostels and 13 apartments. In these frameworks reside 126 tenants, who receive appropriate housing matched to their needs and additional therapeutic and rehabilitative support.

Beit L'Chaim
Establishing a Snoezelen Room and Gym Room at Beit L'Chaim - Beit L'Chaim in Kiryat Haim houses adults aged 21 and older with moderate to severe mental retardation. Due to the residents' disability, the majority of the afternoon activities are conducted within the home. We are currently seeking funds to establish a Snoezelen Room for providing controlled sensory stimulation. The room presents a sensual feast of light, sounds, smells and textures that are soothing, relaxing and enjoyable and allow patients to balance the sensory load from all the stimulation and stress experienced throughout the day.

The estimated cost of purchasing Snoezelen equipment is NIS 60,000, $15,000

Physical fitness has been found to be extremely beneficial for individuals with varying degrees of mental retardation and physical disabilities. It increases cardiovascular endurance, strength and function, thus raising general health, and facilitates positive emotions, well-being, and relieves stress. Such forceful effects are then extended to other settings and lead to improved communication and functioning. An available room at the hostel is designated to serve as a Fitness Room. We would like to purchase a stationary bicycle, treadmill, a rowing machine and a cross trainer.

The total cost of the physical exercise equipment is estimated at NIS 20,000, $5,000.

The Tchernichovsky Hostel
Providing Para-medical Treatments to Residents of the Tchernichovsky Hostel – the hostel serves elderly residents. We would like to provide occupational therapy and hydrotherapy treatments.

The annual cost of this service is NIS 79,500, $20,300.

Supporting Snoezelen Room Therapy for two blind residents, twice a week, at the annual cost of NIS 10,600. $2,700.